Biblical Archeology And Apologetics Kindle Edition
Apologetics / 30th December 2015

Biblical Archeology And Apologetics Kindle Edition This 3rd Volume in the Biblical Archeology series explains why Biblical Archeology is highly important for Christian apologetics and apologists. Of all the religions and faiths in the world, the Christian faith is different and unique in its historical component. While all the other religions and faiths “contain” histories, the Christian faith is “based” upon history. Even if the historical content of all other faiths is removed, their basic philosophy or substance is not affected. But this cannot be done with the Bible. Remove the historical content, and the Christian faith [and the Jewish faith] comes to a naught. You can buy this book at reasonable cost by clicking the link given below. If you do so, then the seller will send us a small amount of money towards our ministries.

False-cults: An Introduction (Electronic Book)
Apologetics / 30th December 2015

Essential Information About False Cults (Christian Apologetics Guides) Kindle Edition **** The false cults are everywhere**** Soon they will steal someone from your family**** Be prepared NOW because once lost, they are usually lost foreverHere is a general introduction to the subject. Be forewarned is forearmed!! You can buy this book at reasonable cost by clicking the link given below. If you do so, then the seller will send us a small amount of money towards our ministries.

The Bible Handbook of Difficult Verses
Apologetics / 30th December 2015

The Bible Handbook of Difficult Verses (McDowell Apologetics Library) Paperback, Harvest House Pub (1 April 2013), 343 pages, Rs. 800 Josh and Sean McDowell, masters of practical Christian apologetics, team up in this trustworthy resource that helps readers understand and gain assurance about difficult Bible verses and passages.The McDowells way of boiling down topics and explaining them clearly helps dispel questions that can confuse people about Christianity or frustrate them in their spiritual growth. Readers will appreciate features such as a simple, easy-to-access form at straightforward explanations in non theological languages summary of key principles of interpretation to help them learn and grow. This is a resource readers will turn to for help in everyday life-one that will help them gain confidence in all of Scripture. Excellent for individuals, churches, and church leaders, as well as personal and pastoral libraries. [S. Montoya] Josh and Sean McDowell are excellent apologetics teachers. In this handbook, they tackle the verses that I, personally, had difficulty explaining to others. The explanations are clear, easy to understand, and to the point. I gained new insights into verses I had read many times before, but now read them with a deeper understanding. The “How to Use…

Preparation For Success In Christian Apologetics (Electronic Edition)
Apologetics / 29th December 2015

[Review By By Dr Ernest Musekiwa] Dr Philip is a sound Christian apologist who has greatly impacted the lives of many Christian theologians and apologists especially in the third world countries through his teaching and writing ministries at Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology. In this book, he highlights the importance of preparation, noting several key elements that are essentially important in becoming a Christian apologist. It is quite true that most students of apologetics finds it to be an arduous task simply because they have not been prepared for it. The author give simple instructions on the how-to’s for being a successful apologist and implores simple language and terminology to raise the interest of the student and any serious Christian who wants to earnestly contend for his faith. These tried and tested ways have been a great help to me and to many and highly recommend this resource to the serious student of apologetics. Addendum: Christian Apologetics is a fascinating field. It is easy to hear an apologetic lecture, but needs a lot of tools if one has to get down into doing it oneself. This book introduces the tools and the preparation needed for success in Christian…