Biblical Archeology And Apologetics Kindle Edition

30th December 2015
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ARcheolAndApol_Biblical Archeology And Apologetics Kindle Edition

This 3rd Volume in the Biblical Archeology series explains why Biblical Archeology is highly important for Christian apologetics and apologists.

Of all the religions and faiths in the world, the Christian faith is different and unique in its historical component. While all the other religions and faiths “contain” histories, the Christian faith is “based” upon history. Even if the historical content of all other faiths is removed, their basic philosophy or substance is not affected. But this cannot be done with the Bible. Remove the historical content, and the Christian faith [and the Jewish faith] comes to a naught.

You can buy this book at reasonable cost by clicking the link given below. If you do so, then the seller will send us a small amount of money towards our ministries.

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